Our mini belly pan is for those who want to keep the rear bumper but want to hide all the frame and undercarriage parts. Exhaust exits at stock location. Works well with our Transmission Cooler Cover. Comes unpainted and uses existing mounting bolts for easy installation. Works with factory trailer hitch. Part # MBP $250.00
The side panels are a high quality hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. They install and fit like the factory panels. The vents in the panels are a direct copy of the vents on the hood of a Viper, permitting the escape of the unwanted heat under the hood of your Prowler. Not only are they functional they look great. Side marker lights optional. (Sold as a PAIR) Part # VSP $900.00
PICKUP ONLY. The traditional hiboy look on a Prowler. Fabricated with hand-laid fiberglass, the kit includes two new rear quarter panels and rear belly pan. All panels mount at factory mounting points. Comes unpainted. Incredible look. Part # HBK $1850.00
Our new Rear Spoiler is of similar design as the very popular TGF spoiler that is no longer available. The differences are that our spoiler is made of hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. Our spoiler has been raised up so the factory third brake light sets under the spoiler. It comes with a 12" long, 90 LED recessed brake light. The spoiler also comes without a LED light for those who want to use the factory brake light only. A black gel coated blanking plate for the factory third brake light is available. Our spoiler works well with the factory soft top and hard tops available. Spoiler/LED Light: - Part # SLED - $725.00 Spoiler Only: - Part # SO - $675.00 Blanking Plate: - Part # BP - $35.00
“There are lots of reasons to customize your Prowler with Prowlerproducts.com”
TO ORDER CALL (949)697-8404 All our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Existing mounting points are used for easy installation. No modification is required to your Prowler allowing easy return to stock anytime you desire.
Our original grill shell with diamond mesh inserts and painted shell. The grill uses existing mounting points and can be installed in just minutes. Painted Shell: - Part # PDG $600.00
Remove your front bumpers and install our hand laid fiberglass fairing/signal assembly. You will love the fit. Our LED lights, each with 48 amber LEDs, offer fantastic lighting at the factory signal flash rate. They come with both clear and amber lens; you chose the one you want to use. The assemblies come in primer paint. All necessary hardware and factory-type cable assemblies for easy installation are provided. Part # FFSAS $695.00
PICKUP ONLY. This is the return of our full Rear Belly Pan we have made since 1999. The Belly Pan is made of hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. Also included are 2 aluminum diamond grills protecting the transmission cooler. The Belly Pan mounts in the same mounting holes as the factory rear valance. We have spread out the exit ports for the exhaust pipes requiring some minor exhaust modification. Part # RBP $495.00
The best quality chrome transmission cooler cover available on the market. It is made of 18 guage steel. The transmission cooler cover protects the transmission cooler from road debris while allowing excellent air flow through the cooler. Can be installed in 15 minuets using existing mounting points. Also available in all Prowler colors. Part # CLTCC $155.00
NOT AVAILABLE front suspension parts for your Prowler. Show quality chrome that you will be excited about. The turn around time is approximately 4-5 weeks.
Part# Option #1 (Left/Right) Upper/Lower A-Arms : Part # CULA $1450.00 Note: Lower A-arms include new ball joints Knuckles (Pair) : Part # CK $550.00 Adapter Plate (Pair) : Part # CAP $215.00 Brake Caliper (Pair) : Part # CBC $225.00 Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends (Pair): Part# CTR $160.00 Front Fender Brackets (Pair) : Part # CFB $225.00 Struts (Pair) : Part # CFS $150.00 Stainless Front Brake Lines (Pair) : Part # SBL $150.00 Total Chrome Front Suspension Kit : $3125.00
The Oval Side Panels are of the same design as the popular TGF panels that are no longer available. The panels are made of high quality fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. The oval cutouts permit the escape the the unwanted heat under the hood of your Prowler. A decorative mesh covers the oval cutouts from inside of the panels. Side marker lights can be used with the panels. (Sold as a pair) Part # OSP $950.00
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